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Gweru Residents Forum Motto

Fostering Productive Stakeholder Engagement for Improved Service Delivery in GWERU, Zimbabwe.

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GWERU RESIDENTS FORUM endeavors to-1 Reach out to every community in Gweru in addressing governance challenges including urban poverty and to improve urban food security2 Identify, nurture and promote leadership talent among vulnerable communities from disadvantaged backgrounds.2 Promote community participation in governance and service delivery issues.3 Provide a platform for communities to air their views through public forums on governance issues.4 Promote, organize and co-ordinate service delivery activities and community livelihoods programs in Gweru.5 Disseminate the IEC materials on behalf of communities to relevant departments for policy and program review purposes linked to service delivery.6 Lobby and advocate for and on behalf of residents in order to improve the manner in which services are provided to the residents7 Encourage community participation in rising the standards of living of Gweru communities in doing so, the organization seeks to instill a sense of responsibility which entails that:8 Hold workshops that will improve community understanding and participation in governance and service delivery issues.9 Improve the lobby and advocacy and leadership skills of the Gweru communities aimed at enhancing the service delivery thrust in their areas