670th Ordinary Council Meeting

Gweru Residents Forum attended the 670th Ordinary Council Meeting in the council chambers here are some of the issues discussed Updates by the Mayor 1)the council has procured three refuse trucks2)tomorrow there will be a national clean up campaign at Mkoba from 8am-10am 3)the city health facilities are now accepting medical aid cards4)there will be complete shutdown in the water area to deal with leaks on the 5th of April for Mkoba, Senga and Nehosho and MSU.Issues emerging from Deliberations by Council that emerged are;Housing department 1)the council resolved that they are going to shoot down donkey trolling residential areas as per the Council by law. t2)the club houses in residential areas are being rented out for some business and the Councillors suggested that a certain % of the proceeds should be retained back for ward development. Environmental works.the Councillors where asking why the management is taking too long to attend to sewer bursts, on average they are taking at least 5 days without attending. Management laid the blame on lack of means in terms of fuel and vehicles to ferry council workers to attend sewer bursts. 4 Finance department.there was a heated debate over the new arrangement that the business committee is now parceling out council land to prospective business partners. 5. Council employees they are defaulting paying rentals to council and the bill is out of reach and unreasonable