Acute Municipal Service Delivery Challenges A Litmus Reflection of the National Governance Crisis27 February 2020

The GRF is saddened by the prevailing low level of service provision in Gweru City and other sub national governments around the country .This development has been mainly attributed to the current scourge of crippling fuel shortages being experienced around the country. The current state of service delivery breeds serious challenges and far away from good quality of life which both the central and local governments are mandated to provide within the confines of the law. From the city wide ,regional and national consultations that GRF conducted over the past week reflects an in depth and institutionalized failure by both the central and local governments to discharge their duties effectively in so far as the public service delivery framework is concerned. Focusing on the service delivery framework it should be underscored that urban security is paramount for the well being of the urban folk. The recent spate of attacks by machete wielding thugs in the suburbs on mostly innocent civilians clearly reflects how insecure and vulnerable the urban folk has been subjected to as a result of organized violence .Secondly the issue of urban food security has left a lot to be desired rendering the affected communities more vulnerable as they daily toil to access basic mealie meal which is not accessible and very high in cost beyond the reach of many the majority being unemployed due to industry closure .Thirdly urban transport has seen a series of transformations over the past three months but the commuting public bear long ques and at times wait up to four hours waiting in vain to get transport home from work. A recent development of the ZUPCO tap card has forced some commuting public wait for extended hours whilst the access to the tap card is shrouded in secrecy The GRF is also concerned with the magnitude of the failure to undertake solid waste management in the wake of a possible Typhoid outbreak .Erratic water supplies are the order of the day without reasonably sufficient explanation and a warning system to enhance disaster preparedness and allow communities to strengthen coping mechanisms in case of disaster. Reports emanating from Gweru City town House claim that they are suspected cases of diahorreal diseases which so far claimed tow lives THE GRF urges the

• The Central Government to avail resources financial or otherwise(fuel to ensure that civil livelihood of the generality of people is improved

• Local governments to strategically plan in order to avert crisis like the current fuel crisis being faced by most councils • The central government must decentralise vehicle licensing to local authorities in order to improve the urban road network system

• Deal genuinely with institutionalised corruption and patronage at both central and local government in order to improve public service provision

• Ensure the security of all persons as enshrined in the country’s Constitution Amendment Number 20 of 2013

• Need for Improved Intergovernmental relationships between the central and local government towards improved public service provision