27 April 2019 Gweru Residents Forum update.

Today Gweru Resident’s Forum had a Focus Group Discussion with residents in Nehosho. The meeting was graced by the Gweru City Council Water Engineer Mr Mbetu.Issues discussed • Gweru has a capacity of pumping of 43 to 45 megalitres a day yet the demand is 60- 65 megalitres a day. This being the case wateer is also lost along the distribution network beacuses of aged infrastructure. Gwenhoro dam is left with 29 Percent water supplies which might last 5 months however it may be even lower because there are chances that the dam may be silted. The hopes are pinned on Amapongobwe dam which has water that can last approximately nine months. The Council has already made strides to purchase pumps to be used to extract water in the Dam. The shortages that are being experienced are because of power cuts as well leaks and the expansion of the town which is not directly proportional to the pumping capacity of Gwenhoro. Gweru city council billing system. The residents sought clarity on the billing system that Gweru City council is using as they are being charged water charges that are not actual and too high compared to what they consume.• Unjustified billing – The residents complained that there are being billed unjustifiably, no matter they receive water or not the bill is always high. • Gweru City Council budget- The Engineer spoke of the budget that the ratings of the US Dollar and the Bond notes is crippling the budget which might lead to poor service provision.• The GRF queried of the failure of Council to update residents officially on water cuts that have the town since Wednesday 24 April to date.• The Residents were encouraged to attend Quarterly Budget Review Meeting to be held on Tuesday 30 April 2019 at the Mayor’s Palour.